Welcome to the virtual space of my evergrowing music projects!
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acoustic journey & storytelling

Tags: chill, downtempo, relaxation, meditation, soundtrack


instru mentalness

Tags: electronic, unusual, experimental


strings without theory

Tags: metal, guitar


structured noise of samples and own input

Tags: lofi, chill, downtempo, samples

I create music in various styles and vibes and after years of procrastination I decided to finally publish and run my music under different names/projects. To bring all this to one place I’m using my name (Patrik) and the word “zaj” (which means “noise” in Hungarian - my native language). I picked Bandcamp as a platform. I'm a member of the
Irish Music Rights Organisation.
STILLTRIP: no melodic samples, all music written by me, only (usually heavily edited) drum samples have been used occasionally. I also play live guitar and bass in some of the songs.
A variety of vibes and moods, mainly on the chill and relaxed side.

SOULNOYZ: Some of these songs were the part of STILLTRIP originally but I decided to run them under a different name as they are more "unusual" and experimental and less "easy listening" although they still can add to your trip when you're still :) I really enjoy experimenting with these tracks.
NOYZMANTRA: -COMING SOON-This will be my most personal project out of the 4. I used to play the guitar and sing in a metal band ages ago (in the last century :( ) and despite all the electronic music I'm making now I just can't get the metal out of me \m/
The previews you hear have not been recorded and produced yet at the level and quality the songs will be so at this stage they can only be described as sketches and teasers for future releases (and a push for myself to finish them finally). I play the guitars, bass and program/edit the drums, vocals will be added to some of the songs too.
HIGHRLOW: I edit & put together a few samples I like and turn them into songs with the support of my own melodies & ideas.There are still plenty of tracks waiting to be finalized and uploaded under all 4 accounts so if you like what you hear check back often and/or follow the projects on their Bandcamp sites!Thank you for being here, enjoy :)

If you have a project (game, app, video, movie, rap, etc) and you think I might be the right person to create unique music for it feel free to get in touch.
Thank you!